Lobo Pinot Noir Vertical

Here's your chance to taste  Pinot Noir produced from a single vineyard, 100% estate grown and a true representation of Napa Valley Pinots!  2011, 2012, and 2013 vintages were all marked by different growing seasons.

Tasting a vertical of the same varietal gives you the experience of each growing season and the resulting fruit balance of each specific year. 

$140.00 /Pinot Vertical

This vertical package includes Napa Valley Pinot from three successive years: 2011,2012, and 2013.  

2011 was a challenging year in the vineyard but reaped rewards in the cellar. It began with a wet winter and spring and some rain into early June and this delayed bloom.  "Ligther and Later" than normal,and  flavors developing at lower sugar levels, gave winemakers the opportunity to make flavorful, elegant wines.

2012 descriptors include "classic" and "perfect".  Near textbook conditions for the growing season.We had a lengthy stretch of warm days and sometimes cool and foggy  nights during the summer months.  We had uncommonly bright fruit.

2013:  "Early, even and excellent" are three words used to describe this vintage across Napa Valley. We had optiml ripening and it shows in the quality of the vintage.