Our Memberships

Alpha members receive allocations twice per year, in spring and in the fall. We have memberships built to the taste preferences of those who prefer white or red-only and a mixture of all.  For those who choose to blaze their own trail, a Lone Wolf can fully customize the shipment. Our collector club, Canis Major, generally receives a mixture unless customized and receives library verticals, other more rare wines and large formats.

Alpha members receive 10% off all member shipments and individual purchases with an ADDITIONAL 10% off case purchases. Canis Major members receive a full 20% off all members shipments and purchases of 3 or more bottles. This is a 2 shipment commitment to receive benefits.

In addition,

  • Shipping savings. 9+ bottle members receive 50% off and 6-bottle members receive 1/3 off ground shipping on all club shipments and for purchases of 3 or more bottles.
  • Complimentary tastings plus 50% reduced tasting fees for your guests. Additional fees are waived when guests enroll as Alpha members and take the first shipment or make a like purchase. 6- bottle members receive 2 complimentary tastings and up to 4 additional at 50% off. 9- bottle members receive 4 complimentary tastings (after the first year or 3 total shipments taken. 2 comps prior to this) with up to two additional at 50% off. Canis Major (18- bottle) members receive 6 complimentary tastings with up to 2 additional at 50% off.
  • First access to new wines prior to release and automatic allocation access on our Cabernet wines.
  • Priority access to our most limited wines like Rosé, Atlas Peak Merlot and Chardonnay.
  • Invitation to special events.
  • Special invitations to vineyard tours.

Please note we require a minimum of two Alpha allocation shipments in order to be eligible for all benefits. Early termination will result in chargeback of all applicable wine and tasting discounts, free/discounted shipping, etc.

Note: We cannot ship wine club shipments to DE, MS, RI, UT or VT.

Alpha Arctic Wolf (White only)

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Alpha Red Wolf (Red only)

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Alpha Silver Wolf (Mixed)

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Alpha Lone Wolf (Custom)

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Canis Major (Collector- 18 bottles 2x per year)

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