In the world of “shipping included” home shopping items, we thought it would make sense to point out all that goes into shipping wine and why it differs from other online products.

  • Wine is a regulated, specialty item. Permits are required within each state we can legally send wine to.
  • Wine is heavy. The average bottle of our wine weighs 4 lbs which takes a 6-bottle shipment to 24 lbs and a case to 48! Carriers change depending on the size of the package, between weight and size/volume.
  • Wine has to be specifically packed to protect it. Whether shipping in pulp or compostable foam inserts, specialty packaging is needed to securely ship wine.
  • Wine is signature-required. Carriers charge an extra fee for this service, which is legally required.
  • Wine is insured. To protect the value, wine carries insurance, which adds cost.
  • Carrier surcharges- To ship wine, FedEx has individual fees for
    • Residential delivery
    • Weekend delivery (air service)
    • Signature
    • Address corrections and re-routing of packages

The following states have restrictions about ordering. If you have difficulty adding a ship-to address, please note that you may fall under one of these specific states’ rules:

AR, DE and RI- Shipments made from an on-site purchase only.

Club memberships cannot be sent to DE, MS, RI, UT or VT.

Volume limits apply for shipments to:

TN- 3 cases per year, per customer

D.C.- Up to 1 case per month, per customer.

KY- Up to 10 cases per month.

We cannot ship wine to UT whatsoever.